We were going to do 6 month progress picture but due to the shutdown we decided to do 5 month (mid July-Dec 11) and will be back at it once restrictions are lifted.

 Meet Aaron! He started with me in mid July working out 4 times a week, doing cardio on his rowing machine 2-3 times a week, and changed his diet to consume less junk food, less carbs and drink more water. After 5 months of dedication he lost over 60 lbs in fat loss and gained over 10 lbs in muscle. He is now doing sets of bench press with his old Max Bench Weight which is remarkable, and his new Max Bench going up a crazy 75 lbs to get to 330 lbs! Plus his  Leg Pressing for sets increased by 150 lbs too. On top of this you can see how much his muscle development has happened and his strength has grown substantially in all areas.

 His Leg/ Chest/ Back/ Biceps/ Triceps/ Shoulders and Core training are really paying off!

 Keep it up Aaron!

 See you back at Bar Down Fitness soon!!

Aaron Results.jpg